The Inspiring IAG Award helps organisations to deliver and gain recognition for good quality careers education, information, advice and guidance.


Inspiring IAG is completed in three stages. An organisation wishing to take part must progress through each stage to achieve the full award. The three stage approach makes it accessible and flexible for organisations as they can complete each stage at a suitable pace, providing they complete within a year of the previous stage. The full award is The Quality in Careers Standard (formerly known as IIAG GOLD) and IIAG is licensed to deliver this national quality award. Once this is achieved it lasts for three years, providing Annual Reviews are in place and the institution continues to meet the requirements. All current awards remain valid and new certificates will be issued to those holding the award as we move from a validated model to a Licensing model.

The award includes a self-assessment, external assessments and validation. The process helps organisations to identify areas for development as well as recognising good practice in their CEIAG provision.

Six units make up the framework of the award, each underpinned by the principles of equality, diversity and raising aspirations. Management and Leadership; Design and Delivery of CEIAG; Working with Partners; Information and Communication; Outcomes for Young People; Involving Parents/Carers. 

Details of each stage of the award are given below.




Commitment letter signed by Head/SLT
Code of Practice displayed within the organisation
A completed self assessment against the award criteria.
Jointly negotiated action plan
Validation from the Project Manager.


 Stage Two needs to be completed within one year of completing Stage One. Stage Two requires the learning provider to have key documents in place.

Stage One completed
Key documentation in place
Evidence of progress with action plan
External desk top assessment and written feedback


This is the final part of the award process and can take up to nine months to complete, however as with all other stages, can be completed in less timeIt consists of:

Completion of all units of the award
Final review of jointly negotiated action plan
External assessor visit
Validation panel to quality assure the assessment process
The award is valid for 3 years and the organisation is required to maintain the standards through an annual review process

What are the benefits in taking part in the award?

  • Enables an organisation to gain recognition for their provision and good practice
  • Is a useful audit tool
  • Assists quality assurance of CEIAG
  • Provides a framework for meeting national guidance and legislation
  • Good preparation for inspection and a valuable achievement to highlight during inspections
  • Raises the profile of CEIAG at strategic and operational level
  • Especially good for new/recently qualified staff to give a clear picture of what CEIAG within the organisation and how their role may contribute to this
  • Supports continuous improvement
  • Aides effective partnership working
  • Better CEIAG improves the service offered to young people and can give the organisation better results and outcomes for young people

The Award made me really think about provision, identify any gaps and how and what we needed to do to address this.

Priestnall High School

The award has made us aware of all those involved in CEIAG- staff, parents and outside agencies. It helped update our policies. Well done on putting the Award together the school have definitely benefited from the experience.

Turton High School

A very thorough process, which has given us confidence that the school is delivering a robust CEIAG programme for our pupils. The report was extremely useful for the school and individuals concerned.

Parrs Wood High School


  • Inspiring IAG Licensed by QiCS
    We are delighted to announce that Inspiring IAG has been licensed to deliver the national Quality in Careers Standard Award. It was the panel’s view that it was an outstanding re-application, identifying many strengths. Please see the press notice from March 2017. More details about the national award can be found on our website or on the Quality in Careers Standard website:
  • 0161 621 9637