Inspiring IAG Licensed by QiCS

26 March 2017


We are delighted to announce that Inspiring IAG has transferred from being validated to being a licensed provider of the single national quality award.  It was the panel’s view in 2016 that it was an outstanding re-application (at the time for being re-validate), identifying many strengths. We have transferred to a licensing model in March 2017.

Since gaining validation back in 2013 the award has gone from strength to strength. We are now working in many areas nationally as well as where we first started in Greater Manchester. 

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The Award made me really think about provision, identify any gaps and how and what we needed to do to address this.

Priestnall High School

The award has made us aware of all those involved in CEIAG- staff, parents and outside agencies. It helped update our policies. Well done on putting the Award together the school have definitely benefited from the experience.

Turton High School

A very thorough process, which has given us confidence that the school is delivering a robust CEIAG programme for our pupils. The report was extremely useful for the school and individuals concerned.

Parrs Wood High School
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